EUOL - Emergency Urgency On Line.

EUOL is the system used by the Lombardy Region to enable data exchange between hospitals and SOREU 118 Operations Centers in the collaborative processes of emergency vehicle routing and inter-hospital transfers of patient in an emergency. In the choice of the destination of a rescue mission, Operations Centers SOREU can consider dynamic data on the availability of critical resources, updated in real time on EUOL by the Hospitals themselves.

Emergency departments and ward hospital systems (Emergency Departments, intensive care, operating rooms etc…) automatically send services load data to EUOL by displaying them on 118 dashboards and to citizens via mobile app.
The Lombardy system was launched in 2008 and connects, over a catchment area of about 10 million inhabitants, more than 100 hospitals in the Lombardy region equipped with emergency rooms and the 4 SOREU 118, with a total of about 10,000 profiled health workers.
Roles in the system are also government agencies (ATS, DG Region, AREU, Ministry) for monitoring health system resources and epidemiological analysis, after the fact or during critical moments (flu epidemic, hot/cold emergency, …).
Astir has designed and implemented the system and follows its evolutionary maintenance and user support.