Gisa - Sub-Acuti Integrating Managing

The GISA system supports the management of care continuity between acute hospitals and sub-acute structures and was used to start the ATS network in Milan. The system contains algorithms to verify the correct stabilization of the patient from a medical point of view and the appropriate index of care intensity.
The System supports, with a clinical card and an evaluation sheet of the care needs, the transfer of a patient stabilized from acute structure (Hospital) to a Sub-acute structure with less intensity of care, following the patient from request to discharge.

Roles of the system are:
  1. ATS,
  2. Hospital for acute,
  3. Accommodation facility Sub Acuta,
  4. Doctors of General Medicine.
The network’s collaboration is finalized to release beds for acute patients and maintain continuity of care for stabilized patients.
The system was launched in October 2007 and has connected:
  • ATS Milan – Central GISA
  • Hospitals of Niguarda, Policlinico, Fatebenefratelli, San Paolo, San Siro, San Giuseppe, San Raffaele
  • Sub-acute reception facilities Maugeri Foundation and Don Gnocchi Foundation
Astir has designed and built the system and has supported the health companies in the operational start-up at the departments for Sub-acute.