Teleconsultation using images

The Teleconsultation system supports the emergency urgency collaboration between hospitals, enabling the exchange of diagnostic questions (in particular for neurological patients) between different structures; sharing of diagnostic examinations in Dicom format is enabled (CT, MRI, RX..) between different locations of different hospitals that also use different PACS/RIS systems.

The peripheral structure that performs, for example, a CT scan, but without a radiologist to diagnose, can consult (through the web system of Teleconsultation) a remote specialist in Emergency Urgency regime for urgent decisions.

The system provides a complete tracking of the consultation request process. The system interfaces with any type of PACS and interprets any DICOM format. Have been implemented:
  • A web form for the generation of consultation requests, the identification of the receiving specialist and the choice of cases to be made visible;
  • An integration module between PACS systems and the web system for loading DICOM metadata.
The system has been successfully tested since November 2011 in Milano city at the hospitals:
  • San Carlo (Siemens),
  • San Paolo (Fuji),
  • Sacco (AGFA).