NeoTs – Network of neonatology

NeoTS is a system developed by Astir to support neonatal emergency managing allowing the cooperation between Hub structures (reference sites equipped with neonatal intensive care for the managing of complex cases) and Spoke (birth places where there aren’t complex specialities).
The system guarantees the urgency transport of newborn and pregnant woman creating an obstetric-neonatal network between Hub and Spoke, enabling clinic information sharing real time and clinic and operative sharing protocols. The processes enabled by NeoTs system are:
  • STEAM (Assisted Maternal Transport Service)
  • STEN (Assisted Neonatal Transport Service).
The system allows risk minimization for patients and rationalization of the use of resources, minimizing employment times of intensive care beds.
Astir has projected and realized NeoTS system and has supported healthcare companies for start to use it. NeoTS since 2011 support 30 hospitals in the networks headed by:
  • ASST Niguarda (Milano)
  • Fondazione Monza Brianza per il Bambino e la sua Mamma
  • ASST Lecco
  • AUSL Romagna (Cesena)
  • Ospedali Riuniti Umberto I (Ancona)