Risk management in drug therapy

Astir applies the CREA-ERASMO method for the Risk Management activity of drug therapies. This method consists, in summary, in the following steps, each of them involves a close collaboration between risk managers and the operators of the departments engaged:
  • IDEF0 process analysis, with the aim of model each of the activities involved in drug management.
  • – Cognitive Task Analysis, which details the cognitive work of each operator for the performance of the activities described above.
  • Human HAZOP analysis to identify possible error modes in the process.
  • Risk analysis, through which is evalued the level of risk linked to each error mode and process activities are classified in terms of risk.
  • Identification of critical precursors of error modes and provision of detection cards for doctors and nurses.
  • Conduct a monitoring campaign in the departments involved and subsequent assessment of the progress over time of the risk level of the process.
The methodology of risk analysis and management is the basis of the web system designed by Astir in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano.